Sunday, October 30, 2011

His power, His creation, His character - terremoto

Yesterday morning we were awakened by an earthquake. Small in nature (reports vary from 4.0-5.3 on the Richter scale) but enough to shake the ground, our house and everything in it. It was 8:55am and we happened to be on a skype call with Ronnie Brock, when suddenly Bob looked at me and yelled for all of us - including the sleeping kids - to "get out of the house!" I, of course, thought nothing of it and and exclaimed "Relax, I just have an uneven load in the washing machine." Duh. I can't tell an earthquake from a lopsided lavadora (washer). Ronnie of course was live through all this and laughed his head off at my naivety. 

I hope on the day of the Lord's coming that I am more aware. (Mt24:7, Rev 6, 8. 11, 16)

God is making me more aware of His power, His creation and His character every day. 

We hiked a mountain last weekend that culminated at the peak with a 80ft cross overlooking the valle. Although the hike was difficult (maybe not for some of you, but definitely for my 46 year old knees!) it was the satisfaction of reaching the top - reaching the cross - that made it all worth it. I looked over what the Lord has made below me and stood in awe of the precision, grandeur and beauty that I am blessed to see every morning. The people that farm the terraced hills are one of the reasons we are here. God has the power to shake these hills whenever He desires, but it is up to us to "go and tell" them the Good News before the final earthquake occurs. 

Speaking of "go and tell", I am preparing my students for the big Christmas program...a highlight of my job:-) I have decided to let the Pre-K and Kindergartener's sing "Go, Tell it on the Mountain". For those non-Brook Hills readers,  this has been a BH favorite for years, thanks to a fun, funky instrumental background track that the kids absolutely LOVE! I am not so much interested in perfect pitch or crisp choreography, but more on the message. I am blessed to be able to explain to them what we are telling and why we need to tell it. The kids identify with the mountains (as we are surrounded by them here), but I am encouraged by their knowledge of who made the mountains and how we will we will "go and tell". I am beyond blessed to see His character in these little ones every day.Yet there is still so much to do...

Lastly, a little known fact: you can find pumpkins in's just that they are green and obviously make a great snack for hungry puppies. Happy autumn everyone!

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