Saturday, February 9, 2013


As Tim and I plan on heading out to go camping in the jungle, there was and is some camping happening right here at the Camp!  First, for a project with Gabe shot earlier, graded and returned this week, the kids 'camped' out here to use the facilities to shoot a video on Acts.  They all did a great job and we got a kick out of the funny gestures with Gabe's voiceover.  We were seriously impressed how the back drop of the camp catapulted you back into biblical times.  See for yourself:

Second, we are excited to host more than 150 young adult nationals from Quito, Guyaquil and the Oriente (jungle) this weekend.  It is encouraging to see Ecuadorians getting closer to God using the facilities that our friends have prayed for and financially supported!

Ampitheatre filled up

Trust fall 
All Participating
Trust Fall Seasoned Citizen
Leaders leading