Friday, May 13, 2011

Step 1: Packing

They say the first step in making any big decision is making the step itself. I disagree. For us, the decision to move forward in faith and trust that the next chapter for our family would include a new global address was an easy one. We had been preparing for this for over three years. No, for us the big decisions these days are: "storage or Ecuador?" We are currently living among boxes. Lots and lots of boxes (and paper and bubble wrap - just ask a teenager how fun our house is right now!). But to be quite honest, I don't function well in chaos. I like to know where things are - not OCD about it, just in the general area. Packing for me is a lesson in humility. Not in, "I need my stuff"...we have rid ourselves of most of our  'stuff'  and what remains is going to storage. No, the humility comes in that fact of seeing my children pour through 11 years of being in this house and humbly pack things away with a smile and a memory. They are my biggest source of humility when it comes to why we are doing what we are doing. My husband, who is uber organized, has a list of what is to go where and on what week of our 'countdown to Ecuador' grid. God has blessed me with a team of packers that keep this journey humorous, humble and hopeful.