Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drawing Pictures

We are grateful for the four Brook Hills families with servant hearts that came, shared, loved, served and left a mark on all the lives here.  Although words don't do it justice, a clear picture imerges from the image they left behind while living out our daily lives simultaneously...

* Gods plan is better, more productive, fulfilling and infinitely more effective than our own
* Our first mission field is always our families
* He consistently proves HIS plan, purpose and provision for us, sometimes revealing it slowly
* Trust not in why or where you walk but in how

But, pictures do sharpen the focus and bring it into view.....

 Anita hugging newly arrived orphan Josue, saying goodbye begins with saying hello

Fall Concert, pouring into sometimes means pouring out 

Legacy minded Disciple Making - Father knows best

Bobby holding firm onto that which propels him forward - His joy!

Steele getting dog-piled, providing a foundation of support where once there was none

Ann with Baby Sam, joyfully carrying the burden of others

As I watch this video I am again reminded of why we are here.  Not to build, develop or provide a camp for teams to serve God but produce a place where families can come and model HIS love, communicate our worth to HIM and reproduce a picture of the character of God drawing others to be served by God!