Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Alabama has been our Sweet Home home for over 11 years now. We chose to plant ourselves here after bouncing from Germany to Missouri to North Carolina only to finally land in the deep south. We have loved it here. Alabamians even embraced these two displaced Yankees, and that's one reason why we chose to raise our kids here. The importance of God, family, community (and let's face it - S.E.C football and BBQ) is something we wanted our kids to be apart of. 
In the past, we have been offered relocation packages from Bob's former jobs. Each time we have declined. Our answer was always,  "Nope, we like it here." Our answer was due in part to a corporation directing the move. Now, this relocation to Ecuador is an outright "Yes!" due wholly to God directing the move. 
As we finalize our last 3 days in Alabama, I am struggling with emotions like: bitter sweet vs. nervous excitement.  I look back on our 11 years of raising our kids at 2007 Eagle Hollow Circle and the many memories in that sweet house.  On the flip side, I look forward with anticipation to what God has in store for us in the next chapter of our lives in Ecuador. 
Bring it on.
Sweet Home Ecuador!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Less Hair, Less Teeth, Less Oxygen

Hey its been an interesting and exciting 18 hours prior to our first teams arrival.  Bob gave Tim and Brandon haircuts while Chris gave Cole and Kory the same.  The boys are looking sharp, you could take them for new recruits!  Last night Kendall came to the door with Cole who had lost half his tooth to a break dance session at the big house.  Although shaken up he rebounded after a movie and reassurance that it could be fixed.  Today he saw a dentist and it looks good as new!  Lastly, Tio Bill took several of us to the top of a 10,000ft mountain, hiking about 1500 ft from our dropoff point.  Had to be the hardest thing Ive done in a long while.  From our location, we see 3 volcano's no more than 50 miles away.  Tonight celebrating the creator who made this creation....