Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Into the Swing of Things

By now all of us have gotten into the swing of things. For example, school, dinner, bus schedules, and many others. It was a big transition for us kids going to a new school, even though it is an international private school! We have made many new friends and like the school. The bus is well... a different thing... Every day after school we take a old, VERY full bus full of Ecuadorians that have their babies or big bags from market or are sleeping (unless they are standing up). Then we take a comfortable bus home from Quito to Conocoto. We also try to make more friends as we live here. Many people have been nice to us and respectful knowing that we are Americans. We hope to stay in touch with everybody and we are praying for everyone back in Birmingham! Love Ya'll!
Posted by Bobby - 7th grade

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