Friday, June 1, 2012


As I sit in the Miami airport enroute to Birmingham, the tropical rain is pouring down!  What a contrast to the driest month of the year in Ecuador.  Dust is on, in and around everything 'on the hill'.  Already feeling the affects of culture shock, I am comforted that HE is on, in and around me as I type this.  After leaving Ann and the kids at the airport, I received many comments from them and emails now already wishing they were heading home.  Although it's been a long and challenging year, we are thankful for the fruit and purpose in our lives as well as the work that God is doing in and through the Ecuadorian people.  Riding to the airport this morning, we expressed our openness to embrace whatever lies ahead both at home and back in Ecuador.  In a phrase, we are Listo (ready)..Ven (come) whether it be teams to the camp, people in our path or the Lord's return!

Dining and Sitting Area

Sleep Appliances
View of our Mission Field - Los Chillos Vale

 For the Directionally Challenged
'The Corner'

The 10 Hectares

New Pump for the Cistern

Cotapaxi Volcano in the Morning

U know who..

Plus some crew...ready to come home!

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  1. Wishing we were all still there with you all. Post a pick of Bob's handiwork on the ramp at the camp. God Bless!