Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wrapping Up...

It's that time of year when all teachers yell, "hurray! it's the last school day!!!". Ok, so maybe it is not just teachers...:-) We are fast approaching the last school day at Alliance Academy. June 7th will close a memorable year not just for our seniors, but for the Coe family's first year in Ecuador.
Maggie and Kyndal N. at their Jr./Sr. Banquet last night
As I look back on this year I am in awe of God's provision. He has provided in so many ways it would take this reader days to pour through the blog post. To keep it simple let me share just a few...
He provided a job for me so that our family could serve in Ecuador. Without Alliance Academy taking a risk in hiring a music teacher who had not been in the classroom for 15 years, we would not have a secondary ministry nor education for our 3 kids.
My spring show choir from Alliance Academy - loved the 'Hairspray' number!
He provided a mentor teacher/administrator to help walk me through Alliance history and various do's and don'ts of this culture. He sustained me through long hours, long rehearsals, long lesson plans and long (and late) bus rides home. He provided an avenue for me to share the Gospel on a daily basis for not only 3/4 years old preschoolers, but to 18 year old young men and women who are about to embark on the next chapter of life. What an awesome opportunity! He provided a way for me to communicate with the younger students in their heart language. (footnote: my Spanish is malo - bad, but God continues to give me (and my students) grace and mercy:-). He provided a way for me to be with my 3 kids during the day.
Maggie's chemistry class
Maggie, Tim and Bobby may not have been too happy with that on certain occasions, but it has been a beautiful thing to watch them grow and mature in my sight every day. I could not be more proud of them. He has provided just what is needed - income wise. The little I make at Alliance has been a blessing and I give Him all the glory for that provision! He has provided a outlet for Bob to "get off the reservation" and come join us at Alliance 2 days/week to volunteer. Bob get's to connect with the kids and I - the school get's to see Bob's servant heart in SO many capacities (assisting the school nurse, joining the older orphan boys from the Foundation with Alliance staff for Wednesday afternoon soccer games, assisting the music teacher with set-design for concerts...:-). He has provided and incredible Faith Family that prays for us, nurtures us, and comes to visit us!!!!!
Bobby and Tim with friends from Book Hills who came to serve during Spring Break
He has provided an excellent education, new friends as well as challenges for the kids. And the list goes on...
The Wollett Family - friends and fellow servants from NC

Jer 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you...". That's good God, because I sure didn't! I only knew to trust Him with my children, my marriage and my life. "Plans to prosper..." I am rich in so many ways. Not monetarily mind you, but I am rich in friends, family and gifts from God. He knew long ago that we would need these things to prosper in our first year in ministry - for our kids to survive, for my marriage to grow and for the gifts He has given me to be revealed and utilized. "..not to harm you..." ok, this one takes the cake...after 2 house robberies, multiple bus pick-pocketings, bag slashing, stolen phones, illegal police stops, etc... not once were we touched, harmed or violated. He provided these experiences so we would grow yet not be harmed. Not just physical harm. I believe we were not harmed spiritually or emotionally either. After our home was invaded in February we needed to 'unpack' what just happened with the kids. We had an incredible opportunity to seek the Lord: understand Him more, rely on Him more, trust Him more and thank Him more. I am grateful our kids did not come out of that experience with hatred or mistrust of our neighbors.
Tim and friends at a Spartan's (AAI) soccer game
We saw God's provision in a big way here. Jeremiah goes on the say in verses 12-13 "Then you will call upon me and and come and pray to me, and I will listen. You will seek me and find me..."
Ecuador is a wonderful place. It is sometimes a dangerous place. It is a place in need of the Gospel. From our ministry in the Valle (building the camp) to our ministry in the city (Alliance Academy) there are families that are hurting, searching and (just like in the U.S.) beginning to see a new generation of Christ Followers. May our days be weary in Jeremiah 29 so that all who hear will pray to Him, seek Him and ultimately find Him.

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