Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Many things are uncertain in this world but there are three things I am certain of:  My complete dependence on HIM, HE is soveriegn over all things and HIS Gospel has, is and will advance regardless of what I or anyone else does!  Kind of takes the pressure off...

Much has happened in a month since we last shared.  We were robbed at home of computers, clothes and money but HE gave me the opportunity to go home to replace those items, reconnect with friends and faith family members, find someone to take over the properties and to do my taxes.  All would have been impossible without going back, Gracios a Dios!  Our clutch went out in the DMP vehicle and cost a fortune but HIS provision in utilizing the buses again reminded us of the daily grind of the average person here.  The 8 inches of rain this month thus far was held off by HIM long enough for our recent team to pour the final abutments for the roads, set both railings and electrical poles, paint both the gates and the amphitheatre.  The last two weeks of play practice from 6-9 every night at school in Quito an hour away has allowed me to have time and dinner out with my family while giving Maggie and Ann the ability to worship HIM and share their God-given talent reflecting God's glory.  Our youth from Brook Hills blessed our family during the recent trip between March 17-23rd with encouragement, prayer and physical help.  Although one of the members of the group had his passport stolen 15 steps from the bus on the way to the airport, he was able to stay three extra days to get police report, new entry stamp, photos and new passport to return finally yesterday.  He met new friends, spent time with us and had a 'behind the scenes' look at living in Ecuador.   This group proved out many firsts.  They conducted VBS in Yurac, an idigenous indian village about 45 minutes away, with a local partner.  This produced a lasting bond with the community, an impromptu sharing off talent among the young people and according to Jesus (his home church) 35 kids who would never have set foot in an evangelical church or heard the gospel if it wasn't for our team!  Gracios a Dios!

Our clutch apparently wasn't fixed properly because it began slipping on the way to school again two days ago.  Yesterday it was back to taxi's and buses in getting Fisher around for the passport, to the airport and home.  Thanks to HIM, HE has given us another reminder of our reliance on HIS provision and an opportunity to demonstrate patience, trust and giving up control to a God that has the power over it all!

Thanks to our faith family who came or stayed but prayed, gave and loved!  You shared, showed and taught the Word, but in your Serving, He was made known in the World......."By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."  John 13:35

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