Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mateo 4:4

   As I crack my eggs this morning, I notice the yolks are more orange than yellow.  See, my chickens are finally producing after 4 months and $30 worth of morrocho (corn).  I finally broke down and asked Tio Bill for help because the hens weren't laying eggs.  He said,"That's easy, just modify their diet.  Let  'em out so they can eat insects, throw some apple cores in the cage and once and a while give them a piece of bread."  It took a whole two days to prove true.  We can learn so much from simple, practical things in our life like: ask questions, modify and most importantly what we consume changes outputs!

    I just dropped off our first construction team from Crossgate Baptist in Arkansas.  All were not familiar with each other before they came.  It was raining when the came and left, although the Lord was gracious holding it off while we worked.  They worked harder, faster and longer than I asked.  They left their tools, clothes and suggestions behind to encourage, resource and help me to accomplish our goal here.  I can't express the gratitude for these five southern guys who gave up their time from work and family, sacrificed their resources and poured themselves into two projects at the camp which would have been impossible to replicate with local help.  They finished what they came to do.  They demonstrated what a selfless, servant should look like!

     We were in much need of building catch basins for the culverts (to divert massive amounts of water off the paths/terrain) and constructing partitions for the multipurpose building to sleep girls and guys. They came up with the design, modified it when needed and both led/followed according to the weather, task and challenge.   Much of what we did constantly had to be changed (Gringo's use 2 X 4's - we had to mill them to spec from a local).  It all sounds simple but these guys live what they read, know and say.  You could tell that the Word permeates their lives, demonstrated in how they worked, played and joked (they gave me the nickname Pharaoh - we used gravel instead of straw!)   Like good, southern gentlemen, they loved to eat the food prepared by Teresa or in restaurants during the cultural day.  But, it was them living out "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God" in their lives here, that the Word walked!   Show the feasting on the Word!

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