Friday, December 16, 2011


Have you noticed, striking a balance in life is not easy.  Either we are too full to too empty.  All too often we fall short in maintaining a level that sustains, motivates, encourages and moves us forward.  As our lives here in Ecuador progress, our hope and prayer is that our actions and words be enough (suficiente) to impact those to come to Christ whom the Lord has placed in our lives.  We are doing our best to release those things that are unnecessarily holding us back and embracing that which propels us ahead.  That word suficiente alone can't change our circumstances but can change how we live through them if we stay focused on that which is behind it.....

As the result of prayer, the Lord provided three different people to provide suficiente funds to keep the electricity projects going through January.  In addition this shelter, thanks to input from my friend Ron Woody, will provide a much needed break area for our teams that come, workers in the fields in the foreground, orphan's using the facility and for our families to host kids/adults from the surrounding barrio's and from AAI.  I had just the right suficiente recycled items and materials on hand (frame cut from tree's on the property).
   Although resourceful, our southern culture doesn't hold all the cards when it comes to BBQ.  Ingenuity comes in many forms but when I saw this on the bus line, I've never seen a more practical way to feed a fire.  Simplicity is the mother of all invention and HIS knowledge is suficiente when resources are scant.
Our new church vision is suficiente: "One family of God united to build a new society to impact the gospel for the Los Chillos Valle, the country, Latin America and the World" 
Pastor Miguel's (Ecuadorian look-alike to Cosmo Teresi) new mode of transportation.  HE has provided suficiente experiences to keep us laughing and the orphans talking!
The rest of this Jamingo (minus the head and feet in the bag) will be suficiente to feed all the orphan's for Navidad!

HIS plan to plant our lives in Ecuador has been suficiente to simultaneously reach the abandoned and apathethic........Ann's Christmas program is found at the following links (if interested):,  .  Go to the beginning and end of part 2 for a personal message from Ann. 

HE has given suficiente people, experiences, resources, grace, mercy and skills to all of us to reach the world for the spread of the Gospel................. 

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'"       2 Corinthians 12:9 

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