Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lost and Found

We lost one set of challenges with people, my kids and our marriage in the US .....and found a whole new set of others (physical security, accepting cultural differences and pulling together).

We lost a dog that quickly became part of our family.....and found he lost his life doing what he enjoyed the most - chasing Jamingo's (in the Llama family).

We lost daily contact with a Faith Family who we love, knows and pleases God and has reached out and supported us......and found one with the exact same vision, has embraced our shortcomings and rivals the former's impact.

We lost a ministry to the poor in the US where they run not to God but all other refuges first.....and found a culture that is either stuck in the cycle of real poverty or in love with a new found materialism embraced, learned and exported by us.

We lost neighbors, friends and people of God.....and found the same in Marco, Marcelo and Sylvania in one culture and Brent, Lois and Sara in another!

We lost daily images of our life that were predictable, made sense and practical......and found pictures burned into our memories that are both funny, profound and sometimes hard to reckon with......  See for yourself.......

This guy to the right regularly rides our bus line and 'performs' for money.  I was caught off guard when he took some down time to catch a butt and a beer at our bus stop while reflecting on the days challenges.......

 Your guess is as good as mine......
Kids at Artesan's market playing with paint chips from the wall behind them!  Proves that we generally make the best of any/all situations we are in!  FYI.  There is no equivalent ministero for OSHA in Ecuador.....
Here's what you get from 80 years of hard work, good genes and clean living.....I'm having a hard time just playing 1 hour of soccer a week!
At 46 and after 15 years absent from the classroom, I was reminded why I fell in love with this woman so quickly 18 years ago.........

Thank you Brock Family for inviting us to join you on this journey and adventure!  We are eagerly awaiting your arrival, praying for each of you and asking God to make His presence know in your transition!  Your place is ready and we can't wait to see you here!  We are honored, thankful and humbled you chose us to experience it with Y'all! 

"God resist's the proud, but gives grace to the humble."     -James 4:6

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  1. We are so excited to be with you guys!!!! It won't be long now - thanks so much for all you have done to prepare a place for us as well as nurture and sustain relationships!! Love you