Wednesday, November 16, 2011


After speaking with 'El Presidente' last night regarding the transformers, the word from Pastor Miguel was positive.  Looks like will have to do some 'back scratching' to proceed, but electricity for the camp will happen (a Chevy Chase - Christmas Vacation 'plugging in christmas lights' scene comes to mind).  In addition, our neighbors on the other side of the camp  (who sold us the motorcycle, gave us our dog with it, stole the dog, we asked for him back and I eventually had to pay $20 to the son for peace of mind) have recently been turning our power off up the hill.  Our meter sits in the middle of 5 houses on the other side of the wall and we have no control over who tampers with it (Go figure!).  We leave the lights on at the Casa and Multi Purpose Building at the top of the hill for security reasons or they would cart off every last brick, cinder block and piece of metal to recycle. After several days of back and forth, (me turning it on, them turning it off) I grabbed Raphael (who lives on the same street) and headed over there. Simply, we are a month behind in paying the light bill.  It just so happens that our bill goes to them because we pay for their electricity as well!  Relationships are complex enough but when you throw in culture, perceptions and expectations, they become nearly impossible to sort out! Lastly, the Lord has provided great provision for both DMP and our personal ministries in lieu of little or no money, transportation and/or language.  But, I am overwhelmed by His provision of much needed companionship two separate ways in the last week.  Sunday, I finally found a group of guys to play basketball with at a local park.  Doesn't sound like much but this has been a prayer of mine for 5 mos.- as an outlet and outreach.  Also,  He has placed a guy in my path (fellow believer and PE teacher from the foundation) who has a presence and countenance that I admire and trust.   Which leads me to this:

I trust the Lord with it all!  I'm grateful for His grace in our assimilation, failings, successes, struggles, revelations, difficulties, confusion, opportunities and frustrations!   He is worthy of our worship! 
Last weekend, 56 people trusted in Christ and were baptised in the river at Santo Domingo from the four church plants here in the Valle.  Man, what a joy to watch people standing in line to be buried with Christ in death, and raised to walk in new life!  Not sure which one was more encouraging to our family, the 70 year old woman or the blind man (but now he can see!)

Psalm 67:1-3 says; "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.  Let the peoples praise you, O God, let all the peoples praise you!"

PS   Please pray, our dog has been missing for two days.  Not sure if he wandered away, was stolen again, shot, run over or eaten! Hoping he turns up......

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  1. Hi Coe family! Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Do not grow weary!