Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 - the Year of Communication

Although I am not one to make New Year's resolutions, I will, however be more intentional in the way that I communicate. Case in point:I am now FaceBook offical. (my kids are now groaning...can you hear them?) FB does not excuse the fact that I do not email regularly (news to some of you, I'm sure), my blogs posts are notoriously few and far between and my verbal skills could use some clarity. We have all heard it said, "communication is key." As much as I know and believe this to be true, I find myself at times having extremely poor communication with others.  Not only do I have "issues" with the whole English-Spanish thing going on, but there are times with my family, in my marriage, and with friends and co-workers that I feel I am Rapunzel locked in the Tower of Babbel. I am communicating in a babbling language. People may look at me, cock their head to one side, eyes contemplatively glancing upward, as if to say, "I have no idea what she is saying or where she is coming from." I, of course, have full knowledge of where I am coming from and in my mind am making perfect sense....why can't they understand ???
Our high school will be performing Godspell this spring. As musical director I have been pouring over the musical score. The opening song is Tower of Babble. Hmmm...pretty intriguing in my current state, wouldn't you say? The song begins with one philosopher from history (in this case, Socrates) and turns into a cacophony of various philosophers throughout the ages. Each of them is singing fragments of their respective philosophies: Nietzsche, Da Vinci, Luther. As the sounds and counterpoint build, the character of John the Baptist enters and blows the shofar 3 times to call the community to order. He then begins to sing a slow, quiet appeal: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.
Am I a cacophony of sound in God's ears? Am I relentlessly chanting my 'philosophies' and opinions? You betcha. God, in His mercy send a warning shot over the bow. A "3-blast shofar", if you will. Although my tiresome requests and somewhat unintelligible communication may be "babble" to others, God knows me. He understands me. He is patient with me. And of course when I need a "shofar time-out", I know His discipline in my life is always good. Abba Father is teaching me to be more intentional with my conversations. More patient in my listening. Like Rapunzel, I need out of the tower. 

Prepare Ye the Way of the that's simple and clear communication!


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