Thursday, October 25, 2012

Planting and Sowing

Websters defines the following:


noun \ˈplan-tiŋ\

: an area where plants are grown for commercial or decorative purposes; also : the plants grown in such an area 


verb \ˈsō\

1: to plant seed for growth especially by scattering
2: to set something in motion : begin an enterprise
transitive verb
1a : to scatter (as seed) upon the earth for growth; broadly : plant 1a
  b: to strew with or as if with seed c : to introduce into a selected environment : implant
2: to set in motion : foment <sow suspicion>
3: to spread abroad : disperse

Can you tell which one has design?  The former being used and the latter for a purpose.  We, as the seed, do the same - plant seed to see some produce, and others not.  
Oftentimes I wish we could be in the business of sowing, but have come to learn that for God to get the glory  - we merely plant. Being planted here ourselves 16 months ago, we see the soil, sun and water that brings life to something belongs to God.  He directs the resources. He produces and provides the outcomes. 

Currently, these are seeds that seemingly had promise - but have remained dormant:   
At the camp - a church home (...that might be telling us something), developing a mentoring/agriculture program with Catholic University allowing orphans to grow mushrooms, BMX/skate park on site, connecting Ecuadorian youth with our orphans.   
At school - a faculty women's Bible study, launching a track/running club (or sports opportunities in general), a Christmas musical that remains held up in customs.

We trust God with His ways and wants.

Now, here are a few seeds unknowingly that have sprouted or continue to grow: 

 At school - 

Senior girls are being mentored by faculty ladies

Tim and Bobby assuming leadership roles
both in Christian Service Outreach (above)
and in Student Council (below)

Vocal Ensemble Retreat - a chance to minister to
and engage in the lives of our diverse student population

At the camp - 
Liga Inglesia Christiana (a soccer league on the camp)

Bathroom and facilities to support that League

New Washer and Dryer for sole use at the camp

Tio Ramon, (a friend of a friend) providing shoes to Our kids recently

Deeper relationships with those who He gave us to serve


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