Thursday, January 26, 2012


  At the six month point in camp development, we are overwhelmed at HIS provision and plan to bring people together to make it happen while developing relationships for the Kingdom!  I stand in awe that what was discussed over 40 years ago between Momi and Popi Davis is now becoming a reality in front of our eyes.  Less that one year ago, we had never heard about Houses of Happiness (orphanage) nor Campamento Amistad Con Dios, never met the board, director nor even considering Ecuador.   The Lord's timing is perfect in that HE chose us and our good friends the Brocks at this place, now to plant our lives for the purpose of building up the body and spreading  the Gospel through the camp.   

        Please, continue to pray for our families: on this side as we continue to develop relationships, learn language, plant seeds in the community and at the school (AAI), while selling houses, moving stuff, getting kids ready for college and changing addresses on the Brock's end.

        Let me provide a quick update on the progress of the camp.  Since we put in our new paths, we have had many downpours (@ 4 inches in 5 hours) which has made most non-functional.  I am in the process of using a backhoe to dig a trench and culvert system to divert the massive amount of water that flows across and down the 25 acres.  In addition, we are making great progress on the Cafeteria (Multi purpose building) which will house and feed our groups this year.  We have completely wired the structure, hung all the lights, reinstalled hot water lines for the showers, added an extra shower for both the Men's and Women's side and tiled all four. We are in the process of picking out the appliances for the kitchen to make it functional.  We just purchased the iron and tubing to construct the beds and tables.  Also, as of this week we added the electrical line for the breaker box from outside the camp to the first structure.  That enables us to receive power from the transformers to run power to the rest of the camp.

         We are grateful for and looking forward to the teams that are coming.  It was also encouraging to host our first team from Brook Hills that provided a second Christmas for our kids!  Join us in celebrating HIS provision for our lives and the camp needs.  Fingerprints can be found on each piece of material that is bought, each person that builds something here and the kids from the orphanage whose needs are cared for and about by people they will never meet!

 Genesis 1:3

 Psalm 51:7

1 Corinthians 3:9-10
Luke 4:18-19
Colossians 1:24-27

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